woensdag 6 januari 2010


Vandaag is het alweer 9 jaar geleden dat ik ben gestopt met roken!!!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Soho dat is wel een jippie waard. JIPPIE.

    Ik heb even gereageerd op mijn blogje naar aanleiding van jou stukje zie giveaway. Ik kom er dus nog op terug.

  2. Ik:
    I have a question from a client. She and her children (4 boys) are very allergic and two of the things they know that they are allergic to are cocamidopropyl betaine and lanoline. They have very bad experience with all kinds of products but also with ‘natural’ products like from Urtekram. Can you tell me if they can use Raw Gaia and what products then would you advise them to use. They have dry skin and love nice smells.

    Raw Gaia:
    In answer to your question they can of course use all of our products as they are 100% natural. I would suggest the Living Hemp moisturiser which is especially for dry skin and smells absolutely gorgeous.

    Wie weet gaat er een wereld voor je open :).

    Liefs Jane.