zaterdag 20 februari 2010

In English

And so, because of the "springswap" at Daan and Guusje Happy Talk I will post in English for the next few weeks. And maybe, if I like it, I will continue to do so.

Now I am making a cookbook for Kandyce and will put a lot of my familyrecipes in there. I like the idea that somewhere across the ocean, some-one will read the recipes that I love and maybe even love them to.

The thing I love most is that that some-one will make the same thing for me. That's beautifull isn't it?

And now for the choosing. I have so many great recipes! And how to write them down. A lot of the recipes I got and changed here and there. A pinch of this, a teaspoon of that. Most of the time I will add this or leave that. I haven't got a clue how to. O well, I just hope that my recipient will love to cook as much as I do and will take the recipes and use them. Maybe get new ideas and change someting in the recipes and make them their own. That's when a recipe comes to life, when you make it your own.

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